External vs Internal Spirituality

There seems to be a vast rift between yogic spirituality and mainstream religions, with how god is perceived and this has a profound influence on our mental state. Yoga means unions, which means the only separation between your consciousness and the universal spirit is your perception and ego. To me, this means that there is no separation between you and god, so to connect with god you delve further internally to become more sensitive the vibrations of the universal consciousness.

Mainstreams religions seem to externalize this connection with god, claiming human-like egoistic traits which must be satisfied in various ways, usually through specific rituals. If you are diagnosed with a sickness, then it means you need to pray or come to church more. Religions place humans above all nature, claiming its a giant gift for us to use up. Another disconnection is how women are treated as lower than men, which clearly shows that the creators of those religions were very far from enlightenment since that’s an egotistical view.

Asking god for forgiveness is taught a lot in religions, but that doesn’t make sense compared to Karma, where you need to do good deeds in order to make up for bad ones; you can’t just do evil things and then say and feel sorry to make up for them.

Find your divinity and connection to the universe within yourself by practicing stillness and sensitivity. Practice the unity with nature that allows you to live in harmony.


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