Prayer Doesn’t Cure “Mental Illness”, but Spiritual Awakening does

Prayer Doesn’t Cure “Mental Illness”, because you’re externalizing responsibility and wishing to change a fundamental part of your character. “Mental Illness” is a warning from your mind that you’re not living holistically, just like diabetes is a warning that you’re not taking care of your body.

The “Law of attraction” makes people believe that you can just “wish” something away, but it obviously doesn’t work on that level (otherwise there would be a lot more people driving Ferrari’s after reading “The Secret”). There is a vibe (vibration/frequency) that we give off that can affect our environment subtly so we have to be mindful of our emotional turmoil because our internal state is contagious.

When we are closely connected to other people, we share a meta-physical connection, like ESP, which is why its so common that someone has a sudden “feeling” about something happening to a loved one, when a traumatic event occurs to that person. If we can receive these feelings, we should also be able to send them out to those loved ones, but it has to be done in a focused, meditative way to where you practically enter an altered state of consciousness because you’re putting so much intention into it. Just saying a prayer, is like sending a wish list to Santa. (The sensitivity of our minds means that if you’re stressed out then these “sudden feeling” can misfire. Also, I don’t believe in people who can use ESP for trivial things.)

A true Spiritual Awakening, which has nothing to do with blindly following an organized religion, but finding your inner divinity and higher purpose on earth is the key to “curing mental illness” because it shifts your brain chemistry permanently, with no side effects. If you’re spiritual “whole” then even the worst circumstances are no impedement to following your path, and just a scenic detour.



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